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From Belief to Benevolent

The balanced - life is very valuable in our daily life. One of many aspects of healthy life is relaxation and powerful mind. Not only do we bring the True Thai environment to you but Ma Dee Philosophy also brings you relaxation and Empowering your mind. For us, Ma Dee is not just the Place where you can find relaxation. Yet, Ma Deeis the place where you can empower back to your body and your life.


To relax your body, Eastern heritage has been practicing for thousands years and various kinds of treatments were created to relax people. We bring you this traditional knowledge and blended into our treatments to serve and make you feel relax. Our therapists are waiting for you to help you create the treatment that suit you. Let's give your body a chance to activate its healing system.

Empowering your mind

Mediation is also our practice. For Ma Dee, we created our Shop to be the place where you can make a pause for your life and get out of the extremely World. The environment, as such, Decor, colors scheme, music, light and etc. has been completely assembled. The treatment room will make you calm and you will be harmonized with the Meditative atmosphere including our therapists.

For the ritual of Ma Dee, we have a strong believe in our treatment and knowledge which has been practiced for generation. This, together with clever hands and the charm of skilled Thai therapists, will revive human body and soul.

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"We provide only Traditional Thai Massage therapy. There are NOSexual services on our Premises.""

Open 7 days 10.00am - 9.00 pm